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Are you allowed to bring alcohol on site?
No, there is plenty of different types of affordable alcohol that are all sold for the charity.

Is festival camping included in all of the tickets?
Yes, we have lots of space for everyone.


Will there be free car parking on site?
Yes, we have lots of space for everyone, but please try to reduce the number of cars you bring.


Do bars and vendors take credit and debit cards for payment on site?
No, please ensure to bring enough cash for your whole duration of your stay. The nearest cash point is a 20min walk away at Budgens Services located in Codford.

Can you bring a camper van on site for living in during the festival?
yes, there will be a camper area but there will be no ability to connect to electricity or water.

Can you travel by public transport from London to the festival site?

Yes, you can get Berry's Bus on Friday evening and arrive in Codford - it's a 20min walk to the site. The return journey occurs twice a day on Saturday and Sunday. You can also get a Train to the nearest station Warminster, but you will need to get a 15min taxi that roughly cost £15-20 per car.

Are dogs allowed on site?

Yes, but we ask that dogs are kept on a lead at all times - Punchbowl is a working farm with many animals.

At Punchbowl Festival we take a zero tolerance on the use or possession of illegal substances, please ensure these do not enter the festival site.




Musicians -
Bar, Door & Car Park shifts during the festival -
Set up & take down volunteers, Workshops & non-music entertainment -

Are you a musician or a performer? Do you love a bar shift? Got an idea for a workshop? 

Want to enjoy Punchbowl a little longer by coming early to help set up, or staying a little longer to help with the take down?

Punchbowl is run entirely by volunteers and made possible by the generosity of many wonderful people. 
If you have a skill or some time you would like to offer, please do get in touch.

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